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Welcome to Ocean Marine Navigation (Nav) Inc.
First and foremost, Ocean Marine Nav Inc's services are designed to get you, your crew and vessel safely from Point A to B. 

Ocean Marine Nav Inc can assist you with your yacht weather forecasts and marine navigation needs for anywhere in the world. Ocean Marine Nav has provided services from pleasure craft to Mega-yachts; for around the world voyages, port hopping around the Mediterranean Sea, even along the US West coast to/from the Panama Canal. 

We customize our services to meet YOUR specific needs. We do this by taking our over 30 years of experience in combination with the latest forecast model data and current observations that we receive 7 days a week.  Information is provided to you either via email, verbally, or test or any combination The choice is yours, you control the cost. We monitor the weather daily and as long as we know where you are and going, we monitor your progress at NO CHARGE. We charge for our service only when we provide you with a weather forecast and/or a route suggestion.

We just don't read you the latest NOAA/NWS forecast. We make our own forecasts from our experience and the data we have access to. We will spend as much time with you as is necssary to make sure you have enough information to make your passage a safe and enjoyable one. If that means providing a forecast more than one time during the day, there is no extra cost for the extra service. That's right. If service is provided to you multiple times during the day, you are not charged extra for that consultation for that day. All that service, all the consultations are part of the route weather advisory day service Ocean Marine Nav provides.

If you are looking for more general marine forecasting or have a tight budget, we can provide area marine forecasting, again for anywhere in the world. 

Site specific and world wide port forecasting is also available.

Whether you're planning a weekend cruise to the Bahamas, bringing your vessel across the North Atlantic for the winter/summer seasons or planning an around the world voyage, Ocean Marine Nav Inc will be there  to provide you with weather routing assistance seven days a week.