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Fm: Ocean Marine Nav Inc. O.M.N.I./USA
Date: July 06th 2019

Good Day Cruisers. Currently there are no watch/warnings in effect for the coastal/offshore waters of Maine Maine as well as the waters toward Nova Scotia. The latest radar indicates a broadening area (line) of rain with embedded heavier rain/showers and isolated thunderstorms across northern and central Maine, associated with the approaching cold front.

SW Harbor to Lunenburg

Sun/07 - Based on the current data, the cold front is expected to cross the Southwest Harbor area of Maine between Sat/09-11pm then continues to move south/east crossing southern Nova Scotia (Cape Sable) by Sun/05am. Some fresh northerly winds (as high as 25kts) are still expected to move south behind the front through Sun/5-7am as high pressure begins to ridge ENE toward/across northern Maine. The ridge should reach southern Nova Scotia by Sun/midday and during the time from Sun/am 8am-midday, winds should gradually ease to 12-18kts with the trend continuing to 10-15kts through Sun/aftn. The lightest winds come during Sun/eve-night from about Sun/sunset and continuing through the night as the ridge begins to broaden a bit and dominates the Gulf of Maine waters. Can not rule out the chance of winds reaching 25kts (gusty) prior to the front and lasting a few hours after the front moves through. By Sun/7-8am the risk of gusty/stronger winds will begin to diminish with the trend continuing through Sun/midday-afternoon.

Rain showers and embedded thunderstorms associated with the cold front will end before sunrise with clearing skies and good visibility expected at departure and through the day.

I still don't expect the overall ocean current to have a significant affect on the sea conditions. However, locally, where the current tends to move from the south to the north when the winds are at their strongest before 10am, seas could become locally higher, upto 4ft. The greatest risk of this is prior to 7-8am.

Wind: N-NNE 12-20kt, gusty at departure and continuing through Sun/10am, tending to subside to N-NNE 12-18kts Sun/10am-Sun/3pm. Northerly 08-13kts through Sun/3pm-8pm with Northerly to variable under 7kt are expected Sun/8pm through Sun/overnight. Even with the expectation of fresh winds during the first few hours of the voyage, the trend is for lowering winds by midday so the fresh winds won't have a lot of time to produce higher seas offshore.

Sea: 2-3ft during the morning into the early afternoon. Locally higher seas further offshore (as high as 4ft possible well off the coast for a few hours in the morning). However the trend is for subsiding seas, 1-2ft develop by the evening and 0-1ft during Sun/night-overnight.

Swell: Southerly swells 1-2ft 10-13sec. The stronger northerly winds early combined with longer southerly swells could make for some mixed conditions until the front can clear the area through Sun/midday.

Mon/08 - Arrive Lunenburg later in the day - The high pressure ridge is expected to remain in control during Mon/am-aftn with the overall ridge move south of Nova Scotia through Mon/eve-night. As the ridge moves south, lighter N-NW (even variable winds) tend to become more WSW-SW along the coast through Mon/aftn-eve. A trough/weak front associated with low pressure over the southern Labrador Sea that extends WSW-SW across the St Lawrence River Valley will help force the ridge to the south and make the winds more WSW-SW along the coast.

Wind: Any NNW-WNW early become Variable to WSW during late morning-early afternoon; 05-12kts, Winds tending to freshen SW-WSW 10-16kts along the coast from late Mon/aftn through Mon/eve-night.

Sea: Mostly 0-1ft during the morning/afternoon. Could increase to 2ft as the WSW-ly freshen between Cape Sable and Lunenburg through Mon/evening.
Swell: SSW-SW 1-3ft, 10-13sec.

Lunenburg to Halifax

High pressure is still expected south of Nova Scotia with a ridge north across Nova Scotia during Thur/am. As the ridge moves offshore lighter/variable winds will be replaced by lighter southerly winds through the pm/hrs. A cold front is expected to approach from the west through Friday. Sustained winds are not expected to exceed 15kts before Mon/sunset so travel along the coast for the ship trip to Halifax should be met with light conditions.


Wind: Variable to SSW to SSE 05-10kts thru 8-11am, then S-SE 08-15kt through Thur/5pm-8pm. Southerly winds 10-15kt, and gusty, Thur/8pm-midnight.
Sea: 0-1ft, upto 2ft along the coast closer to 5pm and thereafter.
Swell: SSW-SW 1-3ft 10-13sec.

Halifax to St. Peters (Bras d'Or Lakes)

The weak cold front that moves across the area late Sun/14-night and early Mon/15-am weakens well offshore. Light winds are expected at departure Halifax Mon/15-am. What is left of the front falls apart well east of the area through Mon/15-night and weak high pressure is expected to move over/south of the area through Mon/night-early Tue/am. The weak high ridge off the SE coast of Nova Scotia Mon/night may merge with a new/weak high move east across southern New England then offshore through Tue/16. Should this occur, then light SSE-SSW winds would be expected along the entire coast of Maine through arrival on Tue/pm. The high would be expected to weaken by late Tue/16 as a new weather front moves across the New England states through Tue/16-night and early Wed/17-am. Increasing southerly winds along with the better chance of rain showers would be expected as this front approaches.

Mon/15 - Depart Halifax

Wind: NNE to NNW 05-12kts through Mon/am-aftn, Backing NW-W even SW 05-15kts during Mon/pm.
Sea: 0-1ft most of the day.
Swell: S-SW 1-3ft, 10-12sec.

Tue/16 - Arrive Bras d' Or Lakes
Wind: SW-S to SSE 10-15kts through midday, could begin to reach sustained winds of 18kt, gusty during by late Tue/aftn-evening.
Sea: 1-2ft
Swell: SSE-SSW 2-3ft, 10-13sec.