How do I sign up for "Route Weather Advisory Service"?

To start:
Call or email us or fill out this form with your present location, destination, and projected departure date.

We will also need:
  • your boat name and type of boat
  • cruising and max boat speed
  • communication details (cell, land email, boat email, SatPhone, fax—anything we need to stay in touch with you)
  • How did you hear about our services?
  • billing details (Visa, Master Card, American Express, wire transfer, mailing address)

Then once we have received the completed forms via email or fax:
We can set up a date to discuss the weather pattern prior to departure. This date can be one day or 7 days before.  During this time we can also determine the best weather window to depart and make a safe and comfortable transit. You may call in at no additional charge that same day to check on any updates. The choice is really up to you. 

Shortly before departure:
We will send you your forecast hard copy (email or fax) or verbally over the phone.  Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the forecast or routing. Additional updates later that same day can be provided by either hard copy or verbally. The choice is yours.
Once you are on your way:
We will monitor your progress along the way at no charge.  Depending on the length of your trip, you may want to get additional text or verbal weather forecasts. If you want daily updates we can arrange a time for us to call you or you to call us. We will not update you unless you request or unless we see changes in the forecast that will noticeably affect the wind/sea conditions or your safety. 

Please try to send us your position lat/long and weather every day so we can better monitor your progress. 

We will charge your credit card at the end of your voyage, or once a month, depending on the length of your trip. We can send invoices and copies of paid invoices (via email).A valid credit card is needed to be kept on file and may be charged if payment is not made in a reasonable amount of time, unless prior arrangements have been made. 
Ocean Marine Nav. Inc.

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Marine Meteorologist
Ops Manager
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Fax: 1-908-548-0880