We hired Omni Bob for weather routing from Neah Bay to Point Conception for 2 reasons. 1. I did not want any surprises to turn off my wife from the experience and 2. I wanted to compare his expert advice to my weather observations. Bob was spot on and very accommodating of our high expectations for settled conditions.

He was very easy to work with and he provided generous accessibility for his fees. This is our first trip here and he saved us a lot of weather prediction time and uncertainty that we dont enjoy. He added pleasure to our cruise.

We are safely ensconced in Belfast Maine and a thousand thanks to Bob for the weather forecast which was spot on.

Speaking for the group, a big salute to you, Bob, for your HUGE contribution to our safety and well-being this summer. You've given our members a renewed appreciation for both the accuracy and the value of weather routing for cruisers like us--not to mention the difference having a great weather router on one's team can make.


Ocean Marine Nav. Inc.

Bob Jones

Marine Meteorologist
Ops Manager
Toll-free: 1-866-505-OMNI (6664)
Fax: 1-908-548-0880