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Bob the trip was a success in large part due to your forecasting


John Butler - Marine Group

 Captain John Butler  1/23/2017

Having you at "our back" made all the difference in the world and relieved us of a major area of stress.  Would not have wanted to make the trip without you!
Dick Treanor
Captain of Changing Tide

 Captain Dick Treaonr  1/23/2017

Since the launch of our yacht Koonoona in May of 2013 we have used Bob’s weather routing services on a number of occasions. 

We  operate Koonoona in the far East of Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, S. Philipines, West Papua and North Australia. All of these area’s are prone to cyclones and tropical depressions. It is therefore very reassuring for myself and the yachts owner to have Bob sending us daily reports on what weather conditions we can expect and how to best avoid the worst conditions given our schedule. I have always found that the forecast are very accurate and comprehensive.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bob’s service’s to anyone.

 Captain Duncan Warner  2/7/2016

Good Job! As you predicted; we had about (3) hours of 30kt (+) winds ending arond midnight and then about 30kt rounding Conception this am. As you also predicted the 5''-7'' seas were quite comfortable.

 Captain Dirk Sachse  11/18/2008

Our own secret weapon is “Weather Bob” Jones of Ocean Marine Navigation Inc. Bob provides telephone and e-mail weather routing advice and counsel to yachts around the world. In return for what we consider a very reasonable fee, Bob—who is a trained meteorologist who has been doing professional weather routing for years—provides us a daily e-mail report: an overview of the weather systems interacting to provide our weather and his best estimate of what to expect in the days ahead.

 Milt Baker on Bluewater  11/18/2008

Thanks for everything Bob. You have guided us  over 6000 miles safely to Osaka and our winter berths. We are glad to stay put for awhile. We really appreciate all of your help.       Braun Jones - M/Y GREY PEARL - Great Siberian Sushi Run

The trip was fantastic and every discussion with you and the expectation that we had for the next couple of days was right on.   We went with your advice and kept on straight through from Tacoma, WA to Newport Beach, CA and everything came out great.  The one rough day we had was made easier with your prediction that the seas and wind would only last 8-10 hours and would then improve and that is exactly what happened.

Captain John Long, M/Y ARAM CARA
Dear Bob,

We are all secure in our moorage in Sidney, BC and I want to thank you for your outstanding weather forecasting for our trip from San Diego, Ca to Sidney, BC.

Planning a trip up the west coast of the US in early April presents a real challenge for a weather router, but your approach to advising me on departure dates, routes and alternate possibilities was the best service I could have asked for. One week prior to our planned departure you let me know the outlook was poor at best, but you would keep looking at the data each day. As we got closer to our departure, things started changing fast and your advice to get going was perfect.

Your daily updates were very accurate and gave me the confidence to continue with the trek north. I found your forecasts were about 36 hours ahead of the National Weather Service and allowed us to continue the trip with a better understanding of the weather systems and what you felt they were going to do in a short time frame.

By taking your advice, keeping the vessel moving at the planned speed we were able to stay in front of the main energy of the systems moving onshore behind our position.

I highly recommend your services to anyone planning any type of extended cruise and I plan ask for your help on all of our extended trips in the future.

Best Regards, John Henrichs MV TIGER
On Milts (Baker) advice I have signed up with OMNI Bob and recently used him for two voyages to overlay his reports with the other two. He offered a little bit more, and with advice about when to do what e.g. try and delay getting to this coordinate before 0300 hrs. When I get out of Oz he will become my main man as I imagine I would have very little available in Indonesia for example. Captain Peter Sheppard, M/Y SKIE
I have never used anyone else. He has done a great job for me, and has been great to work with. He responds quickly, and gives me plenty of background on his thinking. I haven't seen any other names on the Nordhavn Owners Group, so he seems to do the majority of the Nordhavn owners. Another Nordhavn owner mentioned recently that weather routers have a tendency to forget about local issues and focus on the big picture. I have always had good luck following Bob's guidance (I call him "weather Bob").   Ken Williams, M/Y Sans Souci