Great Siberian Sushi Run is complete

Well, the vessels that were part of the Great Siberian Sushi Run (GSSR) have reached their final destination, Osaka Japan. What an adventure and we are so appreciative to have been part of the project. Three Nordhavn vessels took part in this venture, San Souci, Grey Pearl and Seabird and the weather could not have been better especially across the Bering Sea. The group timed getting across the Bering Sea at the right time when the conditions were ideal for crossing. To be honest, this was my biggest fear during the voyage and that the conditions would be too rough and that they would need to divert. Not the case. Winds stayed below 20kts and seas below 5-6ft for most of the leg.

The other concern were typhoons. How would they impact them moving from the Aleutians to Japan. This region is notorious for experiencing typhoons and extra-tropical lows (Typhoons as they weaken and take on non-tropical characteristics) during the late summer into September and it could have been horrible experience. However, the GSSR group was able to beat the odds and make it to Japan not only with fairly good weather, but not Typhoons directly impacting the Japan waters during the entire crossing. Even during the peak of the season when the risk of Typhoons moving over Japan tends to be at its highest, late August and September. Not only did no Typhoons move over Japan during this time, but those that got close we were weak. Others (like Dujuan) stayed well east and south of Japan.

Needlesstosay, it is good to have all the vessels in safely. I tip my hat to you all for taking on such a challenging voyage and proving once again, that there is nothing you can’t accomplish if you put your mind to it…… Now we have to get them back and hopefully the weather will be just as cooperative.