Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Finally, some good news about the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. BP has been able to hook up a pipe to suck up some of the oil that has been spilling out for the last month or so. This oil should be heading up to waiting tankes. Hopefully this will be beginning to the end to one of the most devastating Oil Spills in our nations history. It already has the change to be the worlds biggest. Hopefully this development will prevent that from happening.

Unfortunately, all the news may not be good. According to NOAA forecast models, it appears the models believe oil from the spill has starting to get picked up by the Loop current in the northern Gulf of Mexico. If this is true, then it could be only a matter of time before the oil starts to move south along the Florida Coast and maybe into the Gulf Stream and north along the coast of Florida. This would only add to the disaster.

Keep in mind that ANY vessel that is moving to/from the Gulf of Mexico and now the east coast of Florida needs to monitor this pattern closely. Getting the heavy crude caught up in your engine while cruising the Florida Keys will cause plenty of problems you as well as cost plenty of $$$ to have it fixed.

Let’s just hope the news from earlier today is a step in the right direction