Hurricane Season 2020

Hurricane Season starts in a little over 4months from now. Before you know, our attention will shift from snow storms to how active the 2020 Hurricane Season will be. It is a bit early to get any predictions. However, Colorado State University has put out some info on the coming season.

As of now there is a 10% chance that the season would be below normal. The probably is 45% for an above normal season, so for now, chances are, the season could see normal to slightly above normal activity. The 2020 season could be close to the 2019 season.

There is no way to predict where, when or even how strong each storm will be. Things could change he outlook, especially if an EL Nino begins to develop and shows signs of strengthening during the year. We should have a better idea on how the season could be in April.

Updated Web Site

it has been a little while since I posted an update, but the outfit that had been hosting the Ocean Marine Nav web site decided to close down, so it became necessary to move the site. It has take some time to move to a new provider and move over as much of the site as possible, but that work has finally been done. Moving the site made it necessary to make some changes and some things may have been lost but the site is now functional.

Now that the web site is up and running. Future posts will be made on a more regular basis as we make our way through the second half of the winter and the upcoming 2020 Hurricane Season.