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To: Captain ABC – M/Y 123
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Thanks for your recent report. 

Based on your report you are SW of the front/trough pattern which appears to be just to your north. Observations to your south indicate a continuation of light SW-S winds 05-10kts southward along/off the S/Carolina, Georgia coasts with light easterly winds 05-10kts off north Florida (which is just south of the ridge).

No big changes to the forecast as the high center tends to reorganize to the north off the Mid Atlantic coast through Sat/am while the ridge  tends to extend WSW-SW across the SE/US through Sat/night and Sunday. As the ridge develops, winds will gradually back to a more ESE-E to ENE-NE direction through Sun/am while the winds tend to remain under 12kts. 

The high ridge pattern should reorganize again during Sun/pm and Monday with the high is expected across New England and what is left of Tropical Cyclone Karen  weakens further and dissipates. Increasing ENE-ly winds of 15-20kt to as much as 25kt, gusty with ENE-E sea/swell of 5-8ft are expected along the Central Florida coast Monday and Tuesday. 

Based on a voyage southward toward Miami, expect: 

Wind: SW-S 5-10kts 
Sea: 1-2ft
Swell ESE 2-4ft early, subside to 1-3ft tonight.  8-11sec. 

Wind: SW-S 05-10kt Sat/am. Still the chance of light/variable winds through Sat/night. However, tending to back S-SE to E 05-10kts.
Sea:  2ft and less 
Swell: ESE 1-3ft, 8-11sec

Sun/29 (Charleston southward toward St. Augustine) 
Wind: Backing E-NE 10-15kts, gradually increase 10-18kts to 15-20kts through Sun/night. Highest near and south of St. Augustine. 
Sea:  2ft and less through Sun/midday.  Could build to 3ft, maybe 4ft during the highest winds late, but the lowest seas closest to the coast. 
Swell: ESE-E 1-3ft,  but slowly building during the day to 3-4ft through Sun/night, 9-11sec.

Mon/30 (St. Augustine southward toward Miami)
Wind: Continue to freshen along the Florida coast with the highest winds along the central and southern coast of Florida, NE-ENE 15-20kts to 20-25kts and gusty through the day.  
Sea: 3-5ft  as much as 6-7ft can not be ruled out over the most exposed waters during the highest winds. 
Swell: ESE-E 5-7ft, as high as 8-10ft can not be ruled out across the central and northern Florida coast during the day, 8-10sec. However, lower swells (due to protection from the Bahama islands), E-ENE to even NE by late in the day across the more southern coast of Florida,  3-5ft 8-10sec. 

Tue/01 (central and SE Florida southward toward Miami)
Wind: ENE-ly 15-25kts gusty through the day.  
Sea: 5-7ft, as high as 8ft can not be ruled out across Central Florida. Closer to 3-5ft, even 2-4ft during Tue/eve-night. 
Swell: Easterly 5-8ft, occ higher Central Florida coast. Lower off SE Florida. ENE-NE 4-6ft even lowering 3-5ft by Tue/pm.  Could ease even further Tue/night, 2-4ft. 8-10sec.  

Wed/02 (SE Florida area including around Miami)  
Wind: ENE-ly 15-22kt, occ 25kts early Wed/am, tending to ease to 15-20kts to 10-18kts through Wed/pm. 
Sea: 2-4ft, could ease further to 1-3ft off SE Florida during Wed/night. 
Swell: ENE-NE 2-4ft early Wed/am. Lowering further 1-3ft to more confused through Wed/pm.  8-10sec. 

Updating daily until otherwise advised. Please advise your position weather/speed while enroute. If you do stop along the way, please advise your arrival and how long you plan to stay there. 

B/Rgds, Bob/OMNI

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