Just wanted to let you know that you were spot-on with your forecast for our passage from SF to MDR. We left The Golden Gate and were in our slip in MDR 49 hrs. later. Thanks so much. Will certainly utilize your services for future trips. Best regards. Peter


I want to give a big “shout out” to Bob Jones, OMNI weather, NOG’s weather expert. As Nester was approaching I called Bob for an update on the storm’s forecasted track, intensity and Bob’s guidance vis a vis our location. His response was prompt, accurate and detailed. Bob followed up the next day to ensure we had the latest info. We felt that he really had “our backs”. We have used OMNI for many years from Alaska to Maine and rely on Bob’s expertise. We are very fortunate to have OMNI as part of the NOG.


We used a weather-router for the run up from Ensenada – Bob from OMNI (Ocean Marine Navigation Inc). He’s an expert contributor on the Owners’ Forum and worth absolutely every cent he charges for his services.On our run we did stop at Santa Barbara, after refuelling at Jankovich in San Pedro LA (usually the cheapest diesel south of Anacortes in our experience).We rounded Pt. Conception on Nov 11th and ran straight to Bodega Bay (300nm).We had the worst weather/sea-state of the entire trip as we rounded Pt. Sal.Bob said that would likely be the case, but he also said that these were the ‘best’ worst conditions he could see developing over the foreseeable future – and he looks waaaay further ahead than just at the Mickey Mouse gribs you can get from Predict Wind. While the latter are excellent for making short-term go/stay decisions, they’re not a patch on a real meteorologist’s interpretation of the long-term raw data that no one outside the industry gets to see.So we opted to take the short-sharp smack on the schnoz early-on (uncomfortable for a few hours, but nothing worse than that), because delaying our departure to wait for any better conditions this far south this late in the year would only increase the chances of getting much worse conditions as we inched our way north and the year got older.We arrived in Bodega Bay on the 13th and left on the 17th for Crescent City (250nm).Once again, Bob identified the window and said ‘GO!’, because if we didn’t take that one we’d be in Bodega Bay for a LONG time…


We hired Omni Bob for weather routing from Neah Bay to Point Conception for 2 reasons. 1. I did not want any surprises to turn off my wife from the experience and 2. I wanted to compare his expert advice to my weather observations. Bob was spot on and very accommodating of our high expectations for settled conditions. 


He was very easy to work with and he provided generous accessibility for his fees. This is our first trip here and he saved us a lot of weather prediction time and uncertainty that we dont enjoy. He added pleasure to our cruise. 


We are safely ensconced in Belfast Maine and a thousand thanks to Bob for the weather forecast which was spot on.


Speaking for the group, a big salute to you, Bob, for your HUGE contribution to our safety and well-being this summer. You’ve given our members a renewed appreciation for both the accuracy and the value of weather routing for cruisers like us–not to mention the difference having a great weather router on one’s team can make.


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