200 boats capsized in last 5 months

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If any you have read a recent article on www.cnn.com about 200 boats capsizing in the last 5months, just think about how many boats that is and the sad thing about it is that many of them could have prevented. For example, it has been reported the most recent and notable capsizing involved the 4 people off the Clearwater Florida two of which are NFL players. They were apparently off the coast by as much as 30mi and a strong cold front was coming their way and seas when the vessel capsized may have been as high as 10-11ft. The boat was under 30ft and a seas of 4-5ft would probably make a ride at best very uncomfortable.

It is amazing how many people don’t look into getting an updated forecast for coastal and offshore waters. For the few bucks it would cost, it can save your life. A service like ours will tell you whether it is safe to go out or not and we will flat out tell you not to go out if we feel conditions are unsafe. The lesson here is, don’t be penny wise and dollar foolish. Before you head out to sea, give us a call and make sure the conditions are safe to transit.