A white Christmas – a last look

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With only 2 full days until Christmas, one more look at the chance of a White Christmas hasn’t changed a great deal. After the recent significant snows across the Northeast/US the “other” White Christmas will occur this year with having snow already on the ground. Will these areas see snow again Christmas Eve night or on Christmas Day?

As of now, the more northern regions of the Northeast like upstate New York and across Maine and Vermont will have the best chance for snow showers on Christmas Day, while the Great Lakes and portions of the northern Ohio Valley will see snow fall on Christmas Eve.

Further west plenty of cold air is in place for a more widespread area of Christmas Eve snow from the northern and central Rockies and westward into the mountains of California/Oregon and Washington. At this point, you can’t rule out western Oregon and Washington as cold air nearly reaches the coast on Christmas Eve. Over the more higher elevations some areas could experience a foot or two of snow from Christmas Eve through Christmas night.

Over the northern plains there is a better chance for some mixed precipitation which could affect travel in this region as some warm air over-rides cold air in place during Christmas Day eve-night.

There you have it. That is our look at a White Christmas. We would like to wish each and every one a very, merry Christmas and may you receive the gift(s) you wanted. Drive (or cruise) safely this holiday season