A white Christmas

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When you hear someone say, I wish we had a white Christmas, what does that mean…… Do they mean having snow on the ground prior on Christmas day or having it snow on Christmas eve or Christmas morning. Well, that may depend on where you live.

For those in the more northern areas of the country, where snow is already on the ground and will likely remain there through January or February, these areas typically have a “snow on the ground White Christmas” every year. Except for the years where air temps are well above normal and whatever snow falls melts shortly after falling. For the vast majority of the country, snow won’t be on the ground Christmas day and for those living in the more southern latitudes the chances of snow being on the ground or even falling on Christmas eve or Christmas day would be nothing short of a miracle.

What about those areas that are definately cold enough but the snow, but the snow that falls isn’t enough or the timing is off. To me, having snow falling on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning is the answer to having to White Christmas. Yeah, having a snow storm on Christmas eve or Christmas Day would mess up travel plans and getting together with family and friends, but wouldn’t be great to have just a little snow fall. If you live in an area that the chances of having a white Christmas are low, but still a very good posibility, once can only wonder….. will it happen this year.

Well, during the next few weeks, we will take a look at the weather pattern to see if this year is the year those areas that don’t experience a white Christmas have a chance this year……..stay tuned……….

B/Rgds, Bob/OMNI