Another Pirate attack

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Well, pirates have again made the news. This time a brazen bunch approaches a cruise ship in the Gulf of Aden over the last few days. They approached the vessel, but never got as close as a few hundred yards. This time they did shots at the vessel. The cruise ship was able to take evasive action and manuever out of harms way.

This vessel was cruising in the designated area established a few months ago as sort of a “safe haven” where military vessels will cruise. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a military vessel will be in the area when ships are the area. There are many more commercial ships than there are military vessels there is no way that every one can get an escort.

The NE monsoon pattern has still not increased to the point where the wind and sea conditions are too rough for these smaller vessels to travel. Once these conditions develop there should be at least a decrease once these conditions develop since the monsoon pattern tends to be pretty steady once it’s established.