Cold Air

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Technically, it is still fall. However, cold air has been moving southward from Canada and across the United States during the last few weeks. Temperatures across the Northeast will be some 10-15deg colder than normal this weekend, then after a brief warm up, back into the ice box with the chance of significant snows during the mid to later parts of the week.

The cold air is also affecting the USWC with a series of storms moving in across the PNW bringing gale to storm force onshore winds followed by cold fronts that bring shifting NW to NE winds and colder temps. As the air moves southward, so does the weather front and there is the chance of low centers developing along these fronts as they slow their movement. This will bring increasing NW-N conditions to the California-Baja coast.

The US Gulf will see the cold air move south and following a strong cold front on Tue-Wed and northerly gale force winds will develop. When Gale force northerly winds develop in this region, gale force winds with gusts to storm force are likely across the Gulf of Tehuantepec and considering the amount of cold air coming down over the next week to 10 days, winds will have a tendency to be higher for longer periods of time following by slower/shorter weakening trends.

Once has to wonder, if this is still considerd the fall, what kind of winter are we in store for…… Well, if you listen to the media, it sounds like we could see a colder than average winter. Fortuntely, the cold temperatures we have been experiencing shouldn’t be reflected into official “winter statistics” but most people will remember the cold month of December. Meteorological winter starts in December and runs through February, so it depends on which calender you following, the traditional calender or the meteorological one.