El Nino 2019…. What El Nino

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The latest data from the Climate Prediction Center indicates the EL Nino that was building during the later part of the winter and the spring, has for the most part, stopped building, stabilized and fallen from last months values.  In other words, the above normal values we have had in the previous months have reversed with values near/at normal levels. 

What does this mean for the remainder of the Hurricane Season? Well, as we are nearing the seasonal peak of the season (the peak occurs during the second week of September), we should see more favorable conditions returning to the Atlantic Ocean basin over the next few weeks, which should result in the development of tropical storms/Hurricanes as we should be see. So the relative quiet we have enjoyed so far should be replaced with more active storms, maybe more than once active storm at a time. 

Should the El Nino remain weak, this should also affect the upcoming 2019 winter season. This may result more snow storms for the eastern/US. Granted, the eastern/US has had its share of winter storms the last few years. What could be different this year from previous years, is that the more coastal/sections and more southern regions that have enjoyed relatively mild and less than average snowfalls could see an increase in coastal storms, cold air and snow fall amounts.  It may be a good year to stock up on salt/sand and get an extra shovel or two.