Gulf of Tehuantepec season

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Now that cold air is making its way south across the central/US, the Gulf of Tehuantepec season has begun. The peak of the season will occur during January and February with lingering conditions during March. However, a good cold air surge moving south across the central/US and Bay of Campeche could bring a quick burst of strong winds along the Gulf of Tehuantepec with little if any warning.

There does appear to be a Gulf of Tehuantepec Gale developing during the coming week, most likely during Dec 5-6. Winds may increase abit in this region during late Thursday, but strongest winds should be felt during Fri-Sat. In addition the northerly winds of 25-30kts, gusty 35kts should extend at least 120nm off the coast and maybe as much as 180nm offshore on Saturday/am.

The gales of the Gulf of Tehuantepec are directly associated with two things; wind direction and cold air. When the right combination occurs, you get the strongest winds. You can have either one (cold air or northerly winds) and still have a Gulf of Tehuantepec gale and it is usually not as intense when both pieces of the puzzle are working together.

With cold air moving southward during the coming weeks, the Gulf of Tehuantepec season has just begun and these conditions could develop every few days, at least once a week, for the the next few months. Bob/OMNI