Hurricane Season continues

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The calender says November 24th, but the Hurricane season still has at least one more week left. Hurricane Season officially ends on Sunday, Nov 30th and the chances of something developing between now and then is not that good. In fact anything that develops would tend to be weak, at best. The best chance is a disturbance in the western Caribbean. Fortunately, we have some cold air moving south across the central/US so the chances of this system developing into something major are slim.

This time of the year and as we going into December, the best chances for tropical cyclone development are from low pressure areas that develop along stationary weather fronts and stationary low centers that develop in the mid to lower latitudes…..Wait a minute, did I say into December…….well during the last 10years or so, there has been an increase in the development of sub-tropical lows that ultimately become tropical lows. These sub-tropical lows are given names as they are typically already tropical storms and beyond the tropical depression stage. Regardless, these are still strong low pressure areas and can cause just as much grief to a route or local cruising across the NE Caribbean as any tropical storm or Hurricane can produce.