Is the Ground Hog right?

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It’s been 2 weeks since Ground Hog Day and that the United States would have 6 more weeks of Winter. Well, so far, it seems they may have actually got this one right. Since then, aside from some very mild air that occurred across the central/eastern US about a week ago, it has been winter across the nation with near normal temps and a mix bag of rain/snow sleet across the country and it looks like the trend will continue.

Model data continues to suggest plenty of cold air across Canada that will eventually work its way south across the northern and central Plains and move eastward across the eastern US. Meanwhile, a series of low pressure systems will move inland across the western US and bring rains to California and snow the mountains of California and Rocky Mountain region.

Keep this in mind for future Ground Hog Days. On Feb 02nd, regardless of the outcome, we will have 6 weeks of winter regardless whether the ground hog sees its shadow or not, as Spring┬ábegins during┬áthe 3rd week or March…….Yes, it could become milder across the country, but it would still be considered winter during any kind of warm up. However, it sure would be nice to grab a few more weeks of spring like weather before the actual onset of spring….. Bob/OMNI