Long Range forecast sample…

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Below is a forecast that was prepared for a client earlier. You’ll see even though today is Nov 26th, we provided a fairly detailed forecast for Dec 1-5, a good 4-5 days away. Why would we do this you might ask….. Well, we do this to give you, the yacht owner/captain as much information as possible when you need to know and if you need to know today what is happening Dec 1-5 or even later, we will generate a foreast. This is part of our normal procedure and not something special we do for an additional charge. Will the forecast verify? Only time will tell. However, the best way to see how a pattern is changing is to watch it every day and if desired provide a daily update so you, the end user can see those changes as they occur.

If you get a forecast today, then wait until Nov 30 or Dec 01st to get the next update, any changes that have occurred in the forecast of wind/sea or swell conditions will seem “significant”, which may turn you off to your transit or worse yet, to our services.

Most of our current clients understand this, but those who are new to our site, may not. You may not be used to getting daily updates or receiving an unschedule update if there was a significant change.

Low pressure moving south/east from Ireland to the Bay of Biscay through Nov 28-30 will remain stationary over the Bay of Biscay through Mon/01st with a cold front (or two) moving across the Gib area Mon/01st and Tue/02nd. The low should move north/east across western France to the north Sea region from 02nd/night into Wed/03rd, but a new low center and trailing low should develop SW of this low as the first low exits. This low should not be as intense as the previous low, but strong enough to maintain the fresh WSW-NW wind/sea pattern from Palma to Gib and the NW-ly wind/sea/swells from Gib seaward toward 30W.

A stationary, strong high pressure ridge pattern across the eastern Atlantic will see the high cell gradually work its way south to the Azores through Wed/03rd where it will tend to remain stationary through Dec 6-7. As this high cell gradually weakens, its ridge should also begin to extend more SE-ESE toward the coast of Morocco during Dec 5-6. As this ridge develops the low pressure pattern will move north/east across western and central Europe. This will allow for a more favorable wind/sea pattern to develop from Palma westward to the Gib straits and onward across the western Atlantic beginning Dec 05th and continuing Dec 06th.

As of now, expect for the waters between Palma and Gibraltar:

Dec 01: Veering SW-WSW to NW-NNW 20-30kts, Waves 2.5-3.0mtrs. Swells WSW to W 2.0-3.0mtrs.

Dec/02: NW-N 20-30kts, gusty at times especially nearing the Gib Straits. Waves 2.0-3.0mtrs with the lowest seas along the south coast of Spain where seas under 2.0mtrs will tend to develop closest to the coast. Swells NW 1.0-1.5mtrs, but as high as 2.0mtrs possible outside Palma.

Dec/03: NW-ly 22-33kt with intervals/gusts 35-40kts very likely. Waves 2.5-3.5mtrs. Swells WNW-NW 1.5-2.5mtrs, upto 3.0mtrs more likely closer to the Balearic Islands.

Dec/04: WNW-NW 22-30kt, gusty. Waves 2.0-3.0mtrs. Swells WNW-NW 1.5-2.5mtrs.

Dec/05: Easing during the course of the day, NW-ly 20-27kt, gusty 30-33kt during the early morning, then lowering from the south coast of Spain westward toward Gibraltar, 15-22kt thru 05th/night. Waves 2.0-3.0mtrs 05th/am, then subsiding to 1.5-2.5mtrs during 05th/aftn-eve, then NW 1.0-1.5mtrs nearing/off the coast of southern Spain during 05th/eve-night and into 06th/am.

For the exposed waters from Gibraltar along the direct rhumbline toward the NE Caribbean (between Gibraltar and 15W:

Dec/01: WNW-NW 20-28kt, gusty 30-32kts. Waves/swells NW-NNW 2.5-3.0mtrs, period 8-10sec.

Dec/02: NW-ly 17-27kts, gusty at times. Waves/swells NW-ly 2.0-2.5mtrs, period 8-10sec.

Dec/03: NW-WNW 17-25kt, gusty at times. Waves: 2.0-2.5mtrs. Swells NW-WNW 2.0-3.0mtrs, swell period 10-12sec.

Dec 04: WNW-NW to even NNW 22-30kt, gusty/35kt at times. Waves: build 2.0-3.0mtrs. Swells NW 2.5-3.5mtrs. Combined sea/swells of 4.0mtrs are very possible/likely. Swells periods 10-12sec, may be closer to 10-11sec during the pm/hrs.

Dec 05: Conditions easing during the day, NW-ly 20-27kts 05th/am to13-20kts 05th/pm. Waves subside from 2.0-2.5mtrs early 05/am to 1.5-2.0mtrs 05/pm. Waves should be closer to 1.0-1.5mtrs during 05th/night-06th/am. Swells take a bit longer to subside, but will also come down during the day, NW-WNW 2.0-3.0mtrs 05th/am, then 1.5-2.5mtrs 05th/pm with swells 1.5-2.0mtrs more likely near 15W during 05th/night-overnight.

I’m not saying that our forecasts are 100% accurate all of the time. No one can say that and if they are, they are saying anything they can to get your business. The important thing to remember here is that we will get you as much information to you when you need a forecast or want to get an idea of what to expect if you left a few days from now. Maybe knowing this information will help you sleep better at night or you’ll enjoy dinner a little bit more tonight….. but this service is available to you.

Looking forward to working with you…… B/Rgds, Bob/OMNI