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For those of you who enjoy reading blogs (besides this one), clients of ours have a very informative blog since they departed San Diego in April 2007.

Their blog begins in Feb 2006 during the construction of Kosmos and runs through present time. We have been providing our service during portions of the trip, not all of it, again, the beauty of our service. You can plub us in, plug us out as you needed. Exactly as designed and Eric and Christi Grab, owners of Kosmos, have used the service the way it was intended. To provide weather assistance during the portions of the trip they felt needed it. They could have had service every day since day, but they didn’t and to be honest, they don’t need it every day.

During their trip they have been able to see many sights around the world and are taking the time to see many things you or I will never see and probably wouldn’t see even on cable or satellite TV. Eric and Christi are enjoying their 45ft Nordhavn as they travel from exotic port to exotic port, then take the time to see most of the places they’ve been.

If you want to reach out to them or want to see what they’ve done on their around the world cruise so far, checkout thier blog at: kosmos.liveflux.net/blog/