More on Hurricane season

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As the 2008 Hurricane Season winds down (at least on the calender), don’t be surprised if the NHC makes a stationary area of low pressure area in the mid to lower latitudes a named sub-tropical low during December or even in January 2009. It won’t be the first time this occurs and likely won’t be the last. Is it global warming, I don’t think so. I think we are in a cycle of increased activity and stronger storms and we may see a shift in this cycle in several years.

However, if we continue to see named sub-tropical storms named “after” the recognized end of the Hurricane season, then it may be worth considering to either; extend the Hurricane Season beyond Nov 30th or not to name these sub-tropical storms and not add them to the tally sheet for the years Hurricane total. I have answered many questions from Captains during the late fall and winter when the NHC issues those sub-tropical storm advisories and if needed, perhaps adjusting the season to later would allow them to be called tropical cyclones. If not, leave then as “mesoscale cylones or sub-tropical cyclones” with no names. Bob/OMNI