Pattern Shift?

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For the last few weeks and the for next few days, the weather along the USWC, especially for the Pacific NW, has been less than favorable. Cold air surge after cold air surge from the north followed by a series of cold front approaching from the west. Well, it looks like the Pacific NW may be due for some relief from the nasty weather it has been experiencing as the cold air that has been at the forefront off the frequent occurrances of strong winds and rough sea should take a break later in the week and into the following week.

The reason for the change is that cold air will tend to move south across the central/US and then more eastward to the eastern/US, so the eastern half of the country will tend to be colder during the same time. As the cold air moves eastward the western/US will be under the influence of high pressure over the eastern Pacific. This should allow for a more favorable wind/sea pattern to develop along the coast from Neah Bay southward to southern California.

How long will the good weather last? It’s hard to say since it will depend on where the cold air across Alaska and NW Canada moves and as long as it moves across northern Plains and Great Lakes regions, the USWC will enjoy the more favorable wind/sea conditions. However, once the cold air finds its way southward across the northern Rockies and Pacific NW, the pattern of gale force to storm force winds and rough to very rough sea swells will develop once again.

And to think winter only officially started just before Christmas………… Bob/OMNI