Sample Forecast

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Below is a forecast that was recently prepared for a client. For those who are new to our site, here is a sample of what we can provide for you. We can also include a forecast weather chart(s) if so desired. We can also adjust the format to meet your needs. This is a relatively short forecast, but you will see in future samples that we forecast out at least 5 days on longer transits and normally will provide extended outlook forecast information.

Observations across the NE Caribbean including Anegada Pass indicates NE-ly winds 25-30kts with sea/swells 6-9ft.

High pressure ridging extends SSW-SW across the western Atlantic and during the day this ridge will weaken as a cold front that has moved off the USEC moves seaward through Wed. Meanwhile, low pressure is located near 33N 50W and during the next 36-48hrs, the low center is expected the slowly weaken and drift southward across 30N 50W through Thur/morning, then should begin to move NW-ward on Fri/28th.

The high pressure ridge across the western Atlantic is expected to drift eastward during the day with a new high cell developing within the weak ridge near 27N 65W by Wed/am. This new high cell should move slowly ESE across 23N 60W through Wed/night-Thur/am as the cold front moving off the USEC this morning nears the Dominican Republic by Thur/am.

We continue to expect the fresh winds across the region this morning to begin subsiding during Tue/pm and continue to subside during Wed with ligher winds on Thur. In fact, if for whatever reason you needed to make this transit on Thur/27, the light winds and more comfortable seas/swells would prevail. We still expect the northerly swell pattern for most of Wed. Swells heights will gradually come down during Wed/pm into Thur/am, so the highest swells you experience will tend to be during the morning hours.

Expect between St. Maarten and St. Thomas on Tue/25 or Wed/26, expect:

Tue/25: NE-ly 20-27kts, upto 30kts/gusty through the afternoon. Winds tend to ease NE-ly 15-22kts during Tue/eve-night then 12-18kts during Tue/overnight. Waves 7-9ft through the afternoon, tending to lower to 5-7ft toward the evening then 4-6ft to 3-5ft during Tue/night-overnight. Northerly swells should remain on the rmod/rough side thru the day, 7-9ft. Swell periods will be relatively short 8-10sec. Northerly swells could lower to 6-8ft during Tue/overnight. Skies tend to remain clear to partly cloudy.

Wed/26: Winds NE-ENE 10-17kts, waves 3-4ft, swells NNE-NNW 6-8ft during Wed/am. Winds tend to ease NE-E 08-14kts with waves 2-3ft and swells NNE-NNW tending to gradually subside to 5-7ft then 4-6ft through Wed/eve-night. Swell periods 8-10sec through the afternoon then upto 10-11sec during Wed/night. Skies: Clear to partly cloudy.

Thur/27: ENE-NE 08-15kts, waves 2-4ft. Swells NNE-NNW 4-6ft. Skies: clear to partly cloudy.