The Great Siberian Sushi Run

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Here is a unique opportunity if you are looking to take a trip that allows you to see a part of the world that most will never see and that includes even some of the most yacht Captains and cruisers.

The Great Siberian Sushi Run (a.k.a. as “the GSSR”) is being called a mini rally by organizer Ken Williams of M/Y Sans Souci. On or around May 1st 2008 the current group of 3 boats will depart Seattle and gradually work their way to Japan via the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk and Ocean Marine Nav, Inc (O.M.N.I.) will be providing weather support.

Careful planing on Ken’s part has made this trip more fun than work since the longest non-stop voyage will be 500nm days and the longest run without fuel will be 1100nm while remaining within 300nm of land. This will be a voyage that give all those onboard the chance to see new and unique places in an area that is mostly visited by commercial ships or Alaskan fishing boats.

During the voyage we will be in close, daily contact with the vessels taking part, all the boats involved are current clients, Ken and Roberta Williams, M/Y Sans Souci (a Nordhavn 68); Braun and Tina Jones of M/Y Grey Pearl (Nordhavn 62) and Steve and Carol Argosy of M/Y Seaboard (Nordhavn 62). In staying in close contact with these vessels, there will be plenty of time and warning given if conditions are not favorable for departure. In fact, it is part of our normal operation practice to advise a vessel to stay in port for a day, a few days a week or longer if conditions are not condusive to a pleasure cruise. Safety is and always will be the number one concern during this project or any other vessel we handle. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Great Siberian Sushi Run (GSSR) stop by Kens Williams blog page at: for more information and if you want to join the rest. There will be some preperation needed to do this run, so if you’re thinking about joining everyone for this trip, contact Ken as soon as possible for more details. Bob/OMNI