Tropical Depression 5. Where did that come from….

Did you hear…. late this morning (July 4th) The National Hurricane Center upgraded an area of convection SW of Bermuda to Tropical Depression 5. The area is not well organized and is borderline, very borderline, tropical depression. Take a look at the latest satellite data. There has been no real change in the structure of TD/5

The latest data does not support the further development of TD/5 and it should remain a TD before it starts to weaken and eventually becomes post tropical. There are no other suspect areas of convection, but I have to wonder why the NHC decided to make the area of convection a tropical depression.

The overall pattern across the Atlantic is not favorable for wide spread development of any area across the Atlantic at this time. However with time, we will see the development of more suspect areas of convection as upper level winds will ease, moisture at the lower/upper levels of the atmosphere will increase and tropical cyclone development will occur.